Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Kalau kita nak tolong memperbaiki keadaan, agaknya kita akn disalah anggap ke tak? Hehe. Jangan fikir sngt. Kita laksanakan yang wajib. Iaitu menyampaikan. Menyampaikan apa yang betol la. Jgn dok p crita keburukan org lain dok jaja crita sana sini. Macam ni lah. Kalau niat kita baik, kita nak jaga bnda yang baik, kita nk semua baik, teruskan lah. Ingat lah kalau kita di jalan yang betul, Allah suka. Kalau Allah suka, mesti dia tolong? Sedangkn org yang dia x suka pon dia bagi nikmat. Oke? Have confident in urself. Trust me. He will be there for you no matter wat. Nawaitu penting. :) Teringat plak zmn dlu2, niat puasa x ingat. Time sahur dok reka niat sniri. Nawaitu posa esok bulan posa tahun ini. AND paling penting. Nawaitu, sertakan kerana Allah. Lillah hitaala. :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bila kami on time and yang lain lambat


The weird feeling

Have u ever feel "not delicious heart" oke, direct translation of tak sedap hati secara tiba-tiba and u dont noe wat or who triggers dat feeling. Gosh. How can you cure this feeling. I hate dis feeling. Dahla salu datang. AND  rasa x sedap hati tu stays kat your heart like forever kalo die dtng. Dah brapa lama baru lega. Runsing lah. Awal tahun ni, it happened. A lot of ppl tegur, knpa ni? ada masalah? Y mcm tensyen je. And i was like - mana ada saya tensyen. mana ada apapa problem. Its just this felling yang terfaktap. Hurm. How i wish dis feeling wont come again. SHuuuuush! nyah kau dari sini. Gi main jauh2. Hati oh hati, y u have to b so mystery?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Between Huhu Haha And Argh

Frens are for you to laugh with. Thats y you HUHU HAHA with them. Friends love friends. Thats why you dont ARGH with them. Appreciate them. But, there are this kind of ppl that u cant call friend. Y may call them the "angin people". They come to u like wind. SHIIIUUUSH. and then they dissapear. This angin people 4 me agak bagus jugak la. they come and go but they cool me down. The one that you shoud stay off from is the "pengutip madu people". Habis madu sepah dibuang. At first they come to u and were like "hey, dah makn? nak i kipas u tak? nk i mandikan u?" and when they get wat they wan or when u r already useless to them they are like 

"nothing left, gudbye"

Menonton Wayang On Wednesday

Jyeah. Wednesday is a movie day 4 me. RM5 for a movie? Thats cheaper than buying a dvd. A dvd will cost you about RM 29.90 and the screen depends on ur TV. But with your green note you'll get a movie + big screen + aircond + frens to watch wif + surround sound + comfortable seats. Sometime extra romance act in front of u if you noe wat i mean. This week's movie is GHOST RIDER 2. Ba Dum Tss.

Was a gud movie though. lemme rate it by giving *** 3 stars. Ghost Rider will spin when a grenade explodes near him. The way his spin was osem. Thats the most interesting part of the movie. Hurm. I did sleep while wathcing the movie. Its not bcause of the movie. I was tired maybe. Had to run 1.2km that morning 4 pj. Or maybe because too many chit chat by the priest. K, im confuesed y i slept during that movie for about 3 minutes. Just get your ass to the movie and watch it. 

You are approved to watch it.

Hello World

Welcome to this new gorgeous magnificent plain thundering blog. Blergh. So many adjectives. Enjoy up-coming post. Muah.