Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Between Huhu Haha And Argh

Frens are for you to laugh with. Thats y you HUHU HAHA with them. Friends love friends. Thats why you dont ARGH with them. Appreciate them. But, there are this kind of ppl that u cant call friend. Y may call them the "angin people". They come to u like wind. SHIIIUUUSH. and then they dissapear. This angin people 4 me agak bagus jugak la. they come and go but they cool me down. The one that you shoud stay off from is the "pengutip madu people". Habis madu sepah dibuang. At first they come to u and were like "hey, dah makn? nak i kipas u tak? nk i mandikan u?" and when they get wat they wan or when u r already useless to them they are like 

"nothing left, gudbye"

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