Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Menonton Wayang On Wednesday

Jyeah. Wednesday is a movie day 4 me. RM5 for a movie? Thats cheaper than buying a dvd. A dvd will cost you about RM 29.90 and the screen depends on ur TV. But with your green note you'll get a movie + big screen + aircond + frens to watch wif + surround sound + comfortable seats. Sometime extra romance act in front of u if you noe wat i mean. This week's movie is GHOST RIDER 2. Ba Dum Tss.

Was a gud movie though. lemme rate it by giving *** 3 stars. Ghost Rider will spin when a grenade explodes near him. The way his spin was osem. Thats the most interesting part of the movie. Hurm. I did sleep while wathcing the movie. Its not bcause of the movie. I was tired maybe. Had to run 1.2km that morning 4 pj. Or maybe because too many chit chat by the priest. K, im confuesed y i slept during that movie for about 3 minutes. Just get your ass to the movie and watch it. 

You are approved to watch it.

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