Sunday, 8 July 2012

Stay and dont leave

Composing a poem is one of the task that i need to do so that my course work can be sent without any flaw. So, here it is. 

I guess it's from my heart maybe.

Stay and Don’t Leave
Stay with me when you love me, don’t cry and look at me,
Stay with me when it’s raining, I’m cold but you are freezing,
Stay with me and look at me, I’ll warm you up and it’s free,
Stay with me when you are hungry, I’ll prepare you a hot curry
Stay with me, our love will not fail but succeed.

Don’t leave me even when your love is fading,
Don’t leave me, I’m a coward and I need you to accompany,
Don’t leave me when there is hate, make me laugh but not to wait,
Don’t leave me when you love me, be brave and let’s move ahead,
Until the right moment arrive, I will kneel down and say,
Stay and don’t leave.


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