Monday, 24 December 2012

Lets Go Back To January

What about a blogpost, with English text? Well, lets proceed. Its already 11.44 a.m 25/12/2012 when I am writing this. To be honest, Im in a sad mood. Feeling like my heart fell down from the top of KLCC, landed on a thorny stick, there it goes, that stick went through my heart. Ouch. You see, men can only be sad for two reasons. When he loses someone very special to him or when he loses his wallet. I did not lose my wallet. Nobody left me neither. I read a blog. heart went through the KLCC-falling-stick-penatrating cycle again and again without stopping until...

      "Falakh, you were born into this world, to do what He had told you to do. How can a simple thing make you sad? Think of your brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestine. Their mom and dad died, they dont have enough food. Look at you? You are writing this blog post on a comfy bed and you still feel sad?"
      "But.. :( "

      "Enough with the but! Hardship, sadness, dificulty are all the same. They are just one of Allah's test to you. With different form and format. Now you may be sad. Now you may not have what you want to have. Did you forget that Allah is full with RAHMAT? Never stop believing"

  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Now I feel good again! Hiks. I know, doa may grant me anything I want! Not in this dunya, I shall get in in the akhirat. With Allah's permission of coarse. Back to the topic, yeap, I only have 6 days left. My flight is on the 2nd of January. Gonna start my degree soon in January. Leaving my mum and dad alone in this house sure makes me feel bad. But Im leaving for a greater good. To pursue my dream! Hah! Im so gonna make them proud of me till they go like dis.

   "Baguih la anak aku, skor pointer tinggi, muka hansem, blajaq rajin." #MasukBakulLambungTinggi

December is almost over, lets welcome January in a few days.

Anyways, will write more soon. Toodles. May Allah bless all of you! :D